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Line Of Duty Film - Kodi Padzakhala Mmodzi?

With the series final of Line of Duty being released, and it being unknown if we will get another series, fans are left wondering if there will be a Line of Duty movie. Well if you’re one of those confused but loyal fans, don’t worry, because, in this post, we will detail if there will be a Line of Duty film, who owns the rights to Line of Duty, how successful & profitable would a Line of Duty film be? And when would it be released?

Line of Duty finished last month with a climatic reveal of the 4th man, being DSU Ian Buckells. For a full run down and an ending explained video, please read this article and watch the video: Mapeto a Ntchito Yafotokozedwa: Kodi Kwenikweni Chinachitika Ndi Chiyani?

tsamba loyambilira

With this final capture of the 4th man, it seems that there is still much to do with AC-12, as during the final shot of the episode, we see a small paragraph saying: “AC-12’s ability to fight corruption has never been weaker” – now many fans including myself think that this was a for shading of more to come, maybe even a movie. Let’s look into the reasons why a Line of Duty film would be beneficial.

Who owns the rights to Line of Duty?

Since Line of Duty was produced by World Productions along with the BBC, it is actually Mtengo wa magawo ITV PLC which owns the rights to Mzere wa Ntchito, monga Mtengo wa magawo ITV PLC zokha World Productions as they bought it in 2017.

Line of Duty is also available on Netflix komanso BBC, and most likely it will stay on here for a long time. According to TBI Vision, Mtengo wa magawo ITV PLC purchased the rights to Line of Duty in 2017. This means it will be up to them if they want to make a Line of Duty film or grant permission for sites like Netflix to make one.

Motives for creation

So what are the motives, if any that BBC or Netflix for example would have for making one? Well for Netflix there might be some reason to commission a film of Line of Duty, as we saw this with the greatly successful crime thriller Luther. Now, I’ll have to admit, the Luther movie on Netflix was utterly cringe, poorly written, unrealistic, hyper-violent and just really bad all the way around.

Similar releases

I’ve already made my case for why I think the newer series of Luther was bad, After DS Ripley died everything started to get worse. The making of a film for Luther may have been a good idea. If we get anything similar to this for the Line of Duty film then you can bet that it will be terrible and pointless. there is no reason to spoil such a well-written, fan-favourite series.

However, if done well, the Line of Duty film could be a great success, draw in lots of fans who might not be subscribed to Netflix, and boost the series already very strong popularity and loyal fan base.

pakuti ITV on the other hand, they already own the rights, so making a Line of Duty film would be a matter solely of production and profit. In my opinion, the making of movies for long-running TV shows normally crime dramas is an American thing. We saw this with of course Luther, Breaking Bad and others.

The Luther movie literally feels like some American Netflix producer has gone on a Line of Duty marathon, and had the magnificent but poorly executed idea to make a Luther film. For this reason, I think a Line of Duty Film is unlikely. That’s just the way it is. I really don’t think we’re going to get a Line of Duty film anytime soon.

With a new series release being uncertain, it looks like it’s not going to happen. Here is a potential release date should they decide to make a Line of Duty film.

Line of Duty Film release date

If ITV or World Productions were to start work on a production of a Line of Duty film, then most likely we would see a release at the earliest of 2025. However, with all the things I’ve mentioned before, this is unlikely and really a pipe dream.

Jed Mercurio is too busy with Trigger Point Season 2, and will not want to spoil the already high status and critical acclaim of, in my opinion, one of the best British Masewera Aupandu m’mbiri yaposachedwapa.


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